Sorry guys I haven’t been around school has been kicking my butt literally!!! New Posts are coming soon I have so much to talk about.Enjoy!


I figured I would start out by showing some places where I look first for sales. I love, love, love these sites because they offer in season style but last seasons price. Its a perfect place to start all of your fall shopping(I already did). Some of the sites are invitation only but if you click the link below you can gain access. Also I would just like to note that these items are all 100% authentic. I know that thats a reason why some people shy away from online shopping because you cant really tell whats real or fake, but these sites offer a guarantee. I will be uploading my calendar of the sells because its so hard to keep track of them. Enjoy.

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Welcome to my blog. I’m so excited to share this journey with you and I appreciate you visiting my site. This is something fun for me ¬†and is my opinion of how I interpret things. I have always enjoyed fashion but I have recently been attracted to finding items on a ¬†budget. I don’t believe that you have to pay full price to look good. This blog is dedicated to finding fashion on a budget…I hope your ready!